Refill of your own balances via ATM

OTP Bank constantly expands its services, which are provided for our clients

Now you can replenish your account, which has been opened in a joint-stock company OTP Bank not only though a cash desk, but also with an installed ATM Cash-in function opened in a joint-stock company OTP Bank.

Cash-in – deposit ATM function, which is providing our clients with an opportunity to replenish individual and current accounts in UAH.

Please note that the replenishment of your account is only possible with a possession of a payment card and account number, which should be replenished.

An account replenishment is implemented without a commission.

Note that if account replenishment has been made after 9 p. m., funds are credited to the account after 8 a.m. on the following day.

In order to replenish your card or current account please follow several steps

1. Install you OTP credit card in ATM with magnetic tape being down

2. Select a preferable language

3. Enter your personal code (PIN-code)


5. Select account currency

6. Select an account number to which funds should be credited

In the list of account numbers current and card accounts are displayed in a selected currency

If a selected number of opened accounts exceeds 4, you could use a function “Next”

7. Put the desired amount of cash in the input tray of the ATM:

  • Only banknotes (coins cannot be accepted)
  • Cash currency have to match an account currency
  • All of the banknotes have to be inserted in an input-tray together
  • A total amount of currency inserted in the input-tray must not exceed 50 (per one insertion), however an amount of replenishment is unlimited

8. Confirm the amount:

  • If the banknotes are damaged or do not match recharge currency, they would be returned by the ATM to the input tray. In this case the replenishment of the account will be made excluding such currency
  • If you need to add a certain amount, use an ‘ADD’ function.

9. After the fulfillment of the operation you will receive a check as a confirmation of the operation

Attention: if there is no paper in the check printer, the operation of the account replenishment will not be made/performed.

Attention: a replenishment operation is only possible through the main card and only for residents. Non-resident should contact the Bank department in order to replenish an account.

Attention: in order to participate in the auction regarding the currency purchases, it is necessary to contact the bank’s employee for the cash input in a Bank cash desk.

The ATM accepts banknotes with regard to their face value, physical condition, and the year of issue. Coins cannot be accepted. If you have not accumulated a card yet, you can fill in an application form right now!

Attention: currently a joint-stock company OTP BANK is implementing Cash-In function within a Bank network and with regard to this fact the voiced function may not be available in each department of the OTB bank. In order to receive the information concerning availability of the Cash-In function in your department you can contact the Information Service or review the available departments of the network.