Dear clients, OTP Bank has introduced loans repayment holidays for all loans to individuals, such as credit cards, cash loans, mortgages and car purchases, until March 31, 2022. Due to enforced martial law in Ukraine, the Bank prolonged the repayment holidays till April 30 this year and for credit cards - until May 31, 2022.

Since the loan repayment holidays are over, OTP Bank returns the standard terms of the loan agreement for all consumer loans to private individuals, namely - cash loans, housing and car loans, starting from May 1, 2022.
It means that

During martial law, if  clients are unable to make the planned payment in full but want to fulfil the loan obligations  via changing  the loan repayment terms (e.g. reducing the monthly payment, changing the repayment schedule or extending the loan term), they can apply for a loan restructuring in a convenient way:

The Bank makes decisions on loans restructuring individually for each application.

Loan repayment holidays for credit cards are continued under previous conditions until May 31, 2022.