Credit Card Terms
Chip & payWave technologies
Cashback 1% on online purchases and payments abroad
All privileges of premium Visa card
Card service
Credit limit in the amount of UAH 1,000. up to UAH 200,000
Your benefits with OTP Tickets Travel Card

Manage your finances from anywhere throughout the world

  • setting/changing a pin code for your card
  • card activation/blocking, limits change
  • utility payments, mobile communication, Internet
  • 24/7 transfers

One touch payments

Now, you have ability quickly and safety pay for your purchases, services and fare by your smartphone on Apple or Android, which support NFC technology

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I funding my card account?

  • In UAH: in OTP Bank Branch by cardholder or third party
  • In foreign currency: in OTP Bank Branch with a power of attorney by the cardholder or third party
  • In card account currency by cardholder: through OTP Bank ATM with cash-in functionality

Cashless funding card account possibility:

  • In UAH: by the Money Transfer through any Ukrainian Bank, including OTP Bank
  • In foreign currency: by the Money Transfer in card account currency through any Ukrainian Bank (including OTP Bank), and also cross-border Money Transfer
  • By the Money Transfer from own card or current account through the OTP Smart System

How can I used my credit card?

You can used your payment card for ATM cash withdrawal, cash manual, cashless payments in retail outlets, online shopping (Maestro card except), booking hotels and car rent.

Card activation

  • You should to sign on special stripe, which located on the back of the card
  • You should to activate your payment card in ATM with correct PIN entire, or you can contact 24/7 customer support by the phone number +380 44 490 0529 (this telephone number also specify on the back of the card).

I will pay by card in currency, which is different of the card account currency. How it will be settle?

If transaction currency is different from card account currency, payment system (Visa International, Master Card WorldWide) independently converts transaction currency in the billing currency during operation (by payment system rate, which have been set up on the operation date currently) after this Bank convert billing currency in card account currency by the Banks rate, which have been rate on the settlement date currently.

I’m going abroad, will my payment card work there?

Yes, of course, your OTP Banks payment card – Is International payment card, that’s why, you can use your card in all country, which have payment system logo in payment or cash withdrawal point. Ensure before arrival abroad that your card is active and have valid expiry date. For this purposes, you should call to the 24/7 customer support by the phone +380 444 9026. Also, advisable to inform customer support about country and duration of your trip (It will help Bank to increase safety measures for your payment card in host country).

What should I do in loss card case?

In case of loss, theft, pick-up card by ATM or in case of spread of information about card details or PIN-code to the third parties, you should contact immediately to 24/7 customer support by the phone +380 44 490 05 26 for card blocking and additional information.

Recommendation! Remember or write down customer support phone number for prompt communication with your Bank.