Settlements and cash withdrawals anywhere
Secure online payments 3d-secure
Top-up fee
Conversion fee for settlements in another currency
Without restrictions withdrawal and replenishment
Informing about all operations with the card
Your benefits with Visa Classic

Manage your finances from anywhere throughout the world

  • setting/changing a pin code for your card
  • card activation/blocking, limits change
  • utility payments, mobile communication, Internet
  • 24/7 transfers

One touch payments

Now, you have ability quickly and safety pay for your purchases, services and fare by your smartphone on Apple or Android, which support NFC technology

Frequently Asked Questions
I will be calculated by a card in a currency other than the currency of the card account. How will the calculation be made?

If the currency of the calculation is different from the currency of the card account, The payment system (Visa International, MasterCard WorldWide) converts the currency of the transaction into the currency of the payment system itself (at the rate of the payment system established on the day of the transaction) after that the bank converts the payment system's currency into the currency of the card account at the rate set by the Bank on the day of the write-off from the card account.

I’m going abroad, will my card work there?

Yes, Your OTP Bank payment card is an International Payment System card, therefore it is considered in all countries where the logo of the relevant payment system is present at the place of calculation or withdrawn. Before going abroad, make sure that your card is active and has an effective validity period. You can do it through the Internet banking OTP Smart or call the 24-hour support service by phone +380 44 490 05 26, it is also desirable to notify the bank about your plans to stay abroad (this will allow the bank to enhance the security of your payment card in the country of your destination). You can do this by filling out a form. You can find more useful information and tips on using your card abroad by clicking here.

What should I do if I loss my card?

In case of loss, theft, ATM card withdrawal or, if the PIN-code or card details become known to third parties, immediately contact the 24-hour support service of payment cardholders by phone +380 44 490 05 26, to block the card and provide additional information. Recommendation! Remember or write down the number of the support service for immediate communication with your bank.

How can I replenish my card account?

You can replenish your card account with cash in the OTP Bank branches or cashless. The card account may be replenished with cash:

  • in UAH: by an account holder or by a third party in the OTP Bank branches
  • in foreign currency: by an account holder or third party with a power of attorney in the OTP Bank branches
  • in UAH: by an account holder: with the OTP Bank ATMs with Cash-In replenishment function
The card account may be replenished cashless:
  • in UAH: by transferring through any bank in Ukraine, including OTP Bank
  • in foreign currency: by transferring in currency of card account through any bank in Ukraine (including OTP Bank, the operation is carried out in accordance with the terms and restrictions of the current legislation), as well as from abroad
  • by transferring from your own card or current account through OTP Smart

How can I use my card?

You can use the Bank's payment card to withdraw cash from ATMs, bank branches, and for making cashless payments in retail stores and on the Internet, booking hotel rooms and car rental with the help of card details.

What should I do after receiving a payment card?

As soon as you receive the card, you must:

  • sign with a ballpoint pen on a specially designed strip, which is on the back of the card
  • activate the payment card through OTP Smart online banking, or at an ATM (by conducting any operation PIN entry, for example, by checking the balance) or call the 24-hour support service by phone: +380 44 490 0526 (it is also on the back of the card)