Your benefits of premium services at OTP Bank
Cashback for all the settlements
Cashback for settlements
Free Mastercard airport services
Free Mastercard airport services
Personal premium service
Personal premium service
“Premium Light” and “Premium”
  • Personal premium service with dedicated manager 24/7
  • Premium Line – a separate line of "live communication" from OTP BANK
  • Increased interest rate on deposits (+ 1% to current deposit rate)
  • Discount for transfers abroad (-10% of current tariffs for transfers abroad based on e-limit and on standard SWIFT outbound transfers)
  • Smart Fee – a system of free access to premium service (with the payment of 15 000 UAH per month with all cards in the package)
  • Credit line for any card in a package up to 500 000 UAH
  • Cash loan on preferential terms up to 750 000 UAH
  • OTP Smart – online management of your finances 24/7 and a profitable exchange rate in foreign exchange operations

Primary card account in the package:
  • Mastercard World is a card with Mastercard Contactless System - Premium Card with Exclusive Mastercard® Bonus Program
  • Free additional Mastercard World card may be issued for your family member or a child older than 6 years

Second card account in the package:
  • Visa Platinum card with chip and Visa payWave system - a unique co-branded card for travelers with a bonus program from Tickets.ua
  • Mastercard Platinum card with chip and PayPass system a unique co-brand card that integrates the entire range of car services and privileges, including a discount on fuel at OKKO filling stations

    Additional two card accounts are provided only in the Premium package.

Conversion Rate:

The currency conversion rate for the payments abroad with cards in a package is one of the best on the market. There is no conversion fee.
Global Auto Card
OTP Tickets Travel Card
Benefits of Premium Banking from OTP Bank
Free premium service

Free premium service

If the costs of the cards in the “Premium Light” and “Premium” packages reach 5 000 UAH per month - the cost of the package is reset to zero.

Airport Services

Airport Services*

  • Free visit to MasterCard Business Lounges at the airport "Borispol" (terminal D and F), international departure zone
  • Free Fast Line - customs and passport control without a queue at terminal D, F at the Boryspil airport for departure
  • * Services are only available with a Global Auto Card in the package.

Premium Services

Premium Services

  • Concierge Service OTP BANK - you can count on the help of assistants team who work only for you everyday
  • Help desk (addresses and phone numbers of shops, hospitals or other institutions, search for goods and services, information about performances, events, sports events, fairs and exhibitions, recommendations for choosing restaurants)
  • Leisure (flower delivery, reservation of tables at restaurants and booking of tickets)
  • Travel Assistance (assistance in the development of special tours or tourist routes around the world)

Credit Line

Credit Line

For any card in the package “Premium Light” and “Premium” you have the opportunity to install a credit line and use free money for any of your needs within 55 days.

In this way you get an opportunity to use money for your purchases up to 55 days and not to pay any interest.

The grace period depends on the date of purchase.

OTP Smart

OTP Smart

OTP Smart – it is your online finances managing, which allows you to carry out operations on your accounts any time from anywhere in the world

  • Control of balances and movement of funds for all accounts and products
  • Transfers of funds in national and foreign currencies
  • Currency exchange operations
  • Paying bills for goods and services
  • Instant transfers 24/7 between card accounts OTP BANK
  • Repayment of mortgages and unsecured loans
  • A profitable course in foreign exchange operations Placement of savings accounts and deposits (at a high interest rate)

Mastercard Program

Mastercard Program

A dream journey, a cup of coffee in a cafe, perfumes in an online store - we want to reward you for every decision you make. With the Mastercard reward program, you automatically receive points for any purchase and can exchange them for gifts.

When paying with the Mastercard World Black Edition card you will get from 1 to 5 bonus points for every 10 UAH. All points you can exchange for great gifts.
  • Travel (buy air and railwayl tickets, book hotels, book a shuttle service) Gadgets and accessories
  • Bright impressions
  • Home comfort
To check the number of accumulated points and their further exchange visit your mobile app OTP Smart.

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